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About  Rob Rees <aka Robert Rhys & Robert C. Rees>

Stage Director
Sound Designer Composer

Other Credits
Screen Actor
Graphic Design

        Rob Rees  1970s       

Robert C. Rees  2023   

Rob Rees spent over 20 years as an actor on and off Broadway under the stage name Robert Rhys, landing roles as diverse as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors to Che in Evita. His introduction to Broadway was through being cast for his gymnastic abilities developed by being a competive gymnast, able to perform free form flips & leaps in the 1974 production Jumpers starring Jill Clayburgh.


Introducing Robert Rhys

In 1979, Rob made his screen debut in The Passage a motion picture starring Anthony Quinn, James Mason, Patricia Neal, Christopher Lee, Malcolm Mcdowell and "introducing" Robert Rhys and Kay Lenz

Robert Rhys and Malcolm McDowell in a scene from The Passage, filmed on location in France
Christopher Lee and Patricia Neal with Robert Rhys                      Robert Rhys and Malcolm McDowell             

Since the 90’s, Robert C. Rees has enhanced theatre productions throughout the country as a renonwed Sound Designer and Composer for live stage productions and film scores. You can listen to many of his compostions on his company's site RC Rees Music ( Rob currently resides in Portland, ME.