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In Phil's own words: In 1974 I went in search of a exciting JOB. I decided TV was the place for me. I landed a spot at WGN-TV in the lowest paying job in the building. Yep, you guessed it ... the mail room, printing all the scripts for every live show ... which was a lot. In any spare moment, I watched live tapings of Bozo, Phil Donahue and every sport immaginable, all being created ... LIVE! I decided live TV was the most exciting thing there was. The team work is unbelievable. I started down that path.

In 1975 making commercials, I moved up quickly to Director and it was fun. I was asked to Stage Manage a program, U.S. Farm Report. It was every thing I dreamed of. I traveled to over 40 countries and 49 states. I did programs with Secretary's at Cabinet levels. There were many, many Governors, Congressmen, Senators, Presidents and Foriegn Prime Ministers as well, who wanted to be on our program, as it was syndicated to over 200 TV stations coast to coast.

I also directed Siskle & Ebert At The Movies for seven years. Got to meet several movie stars and see hundreds of movies. Me being me ..I wanted more. So I worked as a cameraman shooting news pieces on programs at WGN, MSNBC, Bill Maher/HBO, among others.

During the summers for 20 years I was the Network Coordinator-Director for the Cubs Baseball Network. Yep they payed me to watch a ball game. Later in my career, I jumped at the opportunity to be a game camera operator. I started with CBS NFL sports. From then on I worked a lot of weekends, freelancing with ESPN covering White Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Bears, HBO Boxing, Showtime Boxing, Sabers Hockey, Bowling, CBS March Madness, U.S. Open Golf. I also did lots of high school and college games. I think I enjoyed being Camera 1 on Sky Basketball the most. For four years it was exciting in every game. And now, it's wonderful to see the women's sports grow and televised as well.

Come to think of it ... I never did get a job ... I got an adventure!

Phil's wife Marilyn on the side lines at Soldier Field alongside Phil (holding camera) filming Super Bowl Champs Dan Hampton and Richard Dent.
Phil and Marilyn currently reside in Sarasota, FL and Elmhurst, IL. Contact Phil here